Optimizing your Indoor Comfort

HVAC Replacement & Installation in Orange County

Indoor climate regulation is essential to productivity at work and at home. At Dependable HVAC& Refrigeration, we make it our goal to ensure that you’re comfortable, year-round. When it is time for you to replace aging or malfunctioning equipment with industry-best HVAC systems, Dependable HVAC& Refrigeration technicians tailor our HVAC replacement recommendations to your budget and comfort requirements. Based upon the size and layout of your home or business, we’ll help you select heating or cooling equipment that delivers on performance and month-to-month utility savings. We offer HVAC installation, retrofit and replacement services include:

  • Furnace installation & replacement
  • Central heating installation & replacement
  • Heat pump installation & replacement
  • Mini-split system installation & replacement
  • Duel-fuel system installation & replacement
  • Hybrid system installation & replacement
  • Air conditioning installation & replacement
  • Thermostat installation & replacement

Schedule us in Orange, Los Angeles, or Riverside County for Heating Service

Studies show that well-maintained home comfort systems last longer and perform better than overlooked systems. Dependable Heating Air & Refrigeration offers low-cost maintenance programs that prolong the life of your HVAC system while reducing the occurrence of costly repairs. To learn more about our maintenance plans, schedule a service call or request an estimate for new or replacement HVAC equipment, connect online or call 714-499-9922 today!


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